Welcome to The Ball is Hispanospherical!

Hello there!

It’s a pleasure to greet you to this website that aims to cover as much football involving Spanish-speaking players as possible!

If you have been following this site since the Twitter account @DarrenSpherical was launched in the aftermath of the Brazil World Cup on 14 July 2014, then congratulations, you were there. You probably didn’t know why or how or where it would lead, but come on, you knew you were onto something, didn’t you? So get up, award yourself something and show some pride: YOU. WERE. THERE. If you won’t celebrate, then I will have no qualms about doing it for you and will not be held accountable for my actions.

Twitter followers will know that thus far I have been providing what some detractors may deem to be far too much information on Venezuelan football players and more trivia on tinpot leagues than the Anglophonic Internet ever needed. Detractors, eh? Just can’t let themselves acknowledge that they’ve stumbled upon something uniquely majestic.

But that’s them. I’m more interested in you and you certainly know and appreciate what you’re in for, don’t you?

Nevertheless, for the benefit of those stragglers at the back still sceptical and scoffing at the name of this website, here is an introduction to the website that for now will serve as the About page:

The Ball is Hispanospherical

Hello all and welcome to all potential Hispanosphericalites (there is more linguistic barbarism on the way, don’t you effing well worry).

Rather bare, isn’t it?

No worries. I suspect no one will ever read these words as they should be replaced by a more considered description of this site in the near future.

Nevertheless, the site’s mission is to cover all kinds of different football, primarily from the Hispanosphere and involving Hispanophones. The thinking behind this needlessly selective yet appealingly vast scope is to give yours truly (and potentially in the future, any sympathisers) an opportunity to cover football from many different angles whilst also improving my (and perhaps your) familiarity with the Spanish tongue.

Doubtless there will not be a single person who can say that everything that is posted on this site appeals to them. However, certain topics will be covered with some regularity and as of now, 21 July 2014, founding date of Hispanospherical and your new Third Favourite Day of the Year (one aims high but baulks at the prospect of dislodging the Present Duopoly), they are:

– The Spanish Primera División – Particular attention shall be paid to  the perceived mid-table plodders and relegation fodder as after nearly 15 years of watching La Liga coverage on Sky Sports, it seems that an increased familiarity with the sides that have the temerity to resist waving their white flags and capitulating to the Big Two for at least the opening 15 minutes is long overdue for most British viewers.

– The Venezuelan National Team (from this day forth known affectionately and with false familiarity as La Vinotinto) and its most prominent stars – Venezuela have been of long-standing curiosity and appear to be tantalisingly close to finally swaggering up to the big boys’ table and demanding to be recognised on equal terms with their CONMEBOL cousins by managing to qualify for their first ever FIFA World Cup. 2018 could well be their year and with friendlies lined up in September and October against Asian opposition who they could well meet in a fateful play-off decider just over three years from now – not to mention the 2015 and 2016 Copa Américas – there is much to be familiarised with. Expect coverage of La Vinotinto, their ever-expanding pool of overseas stars as well as the domestic league.

– Hispanophones in the English Premier League – Possibly the most underdeveloped feature of this site thus far but one which may attract the most attention. At last count, alongside the innumerable imports from Spain, teams in the league have players at various levels from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica. At present, there appear to be no players from Peru or Venezuela, though it would not be a surprise for that statistic to change by the January 2015 Transfer Window. Furthermore, the Venezuelan defender Fernando Amorebieta should be appearing in the upcoming year for the recently relegated Fulham in the Championship and so given his ties to the above category, his progress, along with that of other imports from the Hispanosphere in the league he looks up at with both envy and determination, will be tracked on this site. Any suggestions for particular players/teams to be featured are welcome.

Doubtless these features will be supplemented by sporadic articles on other topics, with my acquaintance with the Spanish language allowing me to delve into all kinds of areas and bring to a wider readership topics that are otherwise off-limits to the Anglosphere.

Who knows what else will emerge on this site? Given its proximity and relationship to the New World Hispanosphere (I’m just making these terms up now), Brazil and its countless number of exports may even receive occasional attention.

Nevertheless, you are all more than welcome to comment, follow this site on Twitter (@DarrenSpherical) or do whatever you kids do these days that involves non-awkward online interaction.

Finally, if you have managed to get this far then I suspect you are also the sort of person who understands the reference in the name of this website and in which case a big congratulations is in order for the both of us – I got to the end of that one in 34 days, how long did it take you?

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