Update to Readers

Hello all,

It is nearly two months since things got underway here, first on the Twitter account and soon afterwards on this site. Thank you to all of you who have taken an interest on either platform; it certainly has been great fun and insightful engaging with you all…

…oh don’t worry, this is not a ‘Thank you, it was wonderful, so wonderful in fact that I’m clearing off’ goodbye message. No, no, this site will continue and in the not-too-distant future will have more frequent updates, more detailed features, improved design, layout, user-friendliness, fireworks, a burlesque show, a little dartboard in the corner, temporary accommodation with en-suite Slush Puppie machines etc. etc.

It’s just, as those who have been here since the beginning know, it has been a great struggle attempting to get every article published on time. This is partly due to underestimating the scale of the task at hand but it has also been caused by a rather personal situation as well. Nothing life-threatening, no; on the contrary, this one is very much life-enhancing and must be attended to as much as it can be within the short amount of time left available.

Once this fleeting moment of joy temporarily subsides, there will be significantly more time to dedicate to this site and it should become more of a well-oiled machine that can be relied upon like caffeine-charged clockwork to bring you English-language articles relating primarily to Venezuelan  and Spanish football.

However, for the time being, updates will continue to be published in the manner they have been as, for the next 2-3 weeks, I have, to quote a recently departed great of the comedy world, just got to ‘go see about a girl’. I hope you all understand.

(No, not that girl.)

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