Aloof Allegiances

Spherical Manor

Recently, @SphericalManor made a belated pilgrimage to Old Trafford to watch what was actually his first ever live match of Premier League football (read about the experience here). As an explanation is possibly in order, what follows below is a lengthy account of his footballing allegiances.Packed with anecdotes and trivia, perhaps just be grateful that he isn’t still wrapped up in a sickly tangle of reminiscences….

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Aloof Allegiances


Unsurprisingly, this is not a word I would introduce myself with, though in response to some enquiries regarding my sympathies over the years, I have actually gone to the length of denying even liking football, less I risk getting branded one. Now, some would say not liking football is virtually a prerequisite for most long-distance Manchester United fans, but let’s not descend into petty name-calling too early here.

While the reason I, a man in his late-twenties who lives over 200 miles…

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