(This page was last updated on 13 April 2017).

This site was started in July 2014 as a way of helping yours truly to improve one’s Spanish language skills whilst covering Latin American/Spanish football. Since then, those who have visited here and/or the aligned Twitter account will know that the Venezuelan national team has been the main recurring subject. However, other topics get a look-in from time to time, most notably the best young talents to come out of South America – expect more in this area in the upcoming year. Who knows, as was the original intention, perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future the site will be teeming with more diverse feature articles pertaining to this most exciting of continents.

The author of this site also writes live reviews of music and comedy gigs, as well as feature articles with a more personal bent. Feel free to take a look at Spherical Manor and/or follow @SphericalManor for these. Here, you will also find a couple of football-related topics.

Lastly, if you would like to read some tragi-comical naïve enthusiasm, then here’s this site’s original About page from July 2014.


Darren Spherical


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hastaelgolsiempre

    To answer the question at the very end, I think it took me a couple of months, but it was a few years ago that I read it now (in hardback; good exercise for the wrists). This is a cracking idea for a blog and I do hope you keep it going!


    1. hispanospherical Post author

      Hi Sam!

      Great to hear from you and I am not surprised you have read that book!

      Without wishing to embarrass either of us in a public forum, your site is a very big inspiration of mine. I read http://www.hastaelgolsiempre.com fervently at home and at work just before I started this site (I had a lot of spare time pottering around a museum), going all the way back to the early days. It’s great to see how things have developed for you over the years.

      Regarding this site, I hope it is clear that I’m just a big football fan who wishes to cover many different aspects of the game (with a few recurring topics) while gradually improving my Spanish.

      I could offer many reasons to justify this scope of interest but you and your podcast chums may not be surprised to hear that a girl is in some way involved! My girlfriend is Spanish and South American/Spanish football has long appealed to me.

      She was working over here in England on a temporary basis and has recently gone back home. Now that she has departed, I’m not short of time to develop this site so I have been planning to write a new update (and edit the About section) within the next two weeks explaining my revised intentions and what visitors can expect etc. Without going into too much detail now, while I will continue with some match reports, I’m more keen on writing lengthier features on specific subjects and perhaps will provide a drip-feed of my research on Twitter as I go.

      Right, I think this reply was brought to you by the makers of More Information Than You Needed to Know, but nevertheless thank you for persevering and if any visitors here are really unaware of Sam’s work, then do check him out on Twitter at @HEGS_com! He covers Argentine football in extensive detail and helms a wonderful podcast called Hand Of Pod: http://handofpod.wordpress.com/

      Thanks again for your words of encouragement!



  2. Alexis

    Hi Darren,

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